PNT Tv Interview

We are grateful for Tee of PNT Tv for this lovely interview!  They are lovely hosts to our series and we are amazed at their support and enthusiasm!

” So for the last couple of months I have had the pleasure of hosting the short lived web mini-series, “Dates Like This” on our parent website, PNT Tv. As you all know I hardly ever conduct interviews with the cast or crew of webseries, however I have to emphasize how gracious the creative team of Leigh Poulos and Hannah Vaughn have been throughout their very fascinating and intriguing series.

The absolutely originality of their storyline was the catalysis of the success of their show and its what has their fans clambering for more (including me). It is a shame that a show of this quality if not quantity, should be gone. Especially with the advent of the lightening growth of this medium it has caused a clutter of unoriginal, uninspiring and poorly run productions that are choking the pipeline blocking shows like this from gaining the audience they deserve.

So when one does get through as DLT did it is no wonder why audiences are tapping their keys and shaking their fist at their screens with the news of a no go on a season 2. The following is my interview with creators Hannah and Leigh…”


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